NEW FOR 2016 at Perfection Automotive …. We can now offer the option of ECU Remapping for your car.

Did you know that you can boost both the power and fuel economy of your car in about 30 minutes, simply by altering the settings on the engine control unit?
Your ECU is your Engine Control Unit like an on-board computer which has settings issued by the manufacturer which are standard but not necessarily ideal for you and your car. Remapping can make the most of your car by overwriting the ECU’s default settings with new software which can be programmed to enhance your car’s overall performance.

  • – Electronic Tuning
  • – Improved Economy
  • – Performance Gains

Talk to our techinician about what type of blend you’d prefer for your tuning:

Our Performance ECU Remapping service results in a better, more responsive engine which can increase torque and power up to 30%!  Tuning can also smooth out the delivery of power making it a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for you. Over-taking manoeuvres and motorway performance increases greatly.

If you would prefer remapping which concentrates more on the Economy of your vehicle then we can remap your engine to achieve a lower rev. range resulting in 15% fuel savings. Good for you pocket and also good for the environment as lower revs equals a smaller carbon footprint. This type of remapping is ideal for fleet cars and commuters.

Alternatively we can offer a blend of both economy and performance which will result in smaller gains to both power and economy thoughout the performance of your car.

Whatever you decided, call our technician today to discuss your requirements for improving the running of your car – 01234 219668 or email us on

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